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An Accountant, A Farmer And A Teacher

An accountant, a farmer and a teacher walk into a train depot... Sounds like the beginning of a great joke doesn’t it? Funny enough, I met people in each of those professions as well as many others at the AgLanta Conference 2018. At this year’s conference, we focused on the role of agriculture in ‘smart cities’. To start the conference off, Henry Gordon-Smith, Founder of Agritecture, so eloquently asked the audience: “can a city really be smart without agriculture?”

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Q+A: Totem CEO Brian Lakamp on the Need for a Smart City Platform

Smart energy startup Totem Power wants to change the way cities and residences function. In collaboration with cross-disciplinary design studio AE Superlab in Brooklyn, the Bedford, N.Y.–based company has created Totem, a multi-platform service that is able to provide uninterrupted power even during emergency conditions when electricity is sparse, or completely unavailable. The product's minimalist aesthetic is intended to accentuate urban landscapes, combining form and function in one elegant package. ARCHITECT spoke with Totem Power CEO Brian Lakamp via email about this platform, which is expected to go live in summer 2017.

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Smart Cities at the Crossroads: New Tensions in City Transformation

The Smart Cities movement has produced a large number of projects and experiments around the world. To understand the primary ones, as well as their underlying tensions and the insights emerging from them, the editors of this special issue of the California Management Review enlisted a panel of experts, academics, and practitioners from different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. The panel focused its discussion on three main areas: new governance models for Smart Cities, how to spur growth and renewal, and the sharing economy—both commons and market based.

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Rise of the Startup City: The Changing Geography of the Venture Capital Financed Innovation

The prevailing geographic model for high-technology industrial organization has been the “nerdistan,” a sprawling, car-oriented suburb organized around office parks. This seems to contradict a basic insight of urban theory, which associates dense urban centers with higher levels of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. This article examines the geography of recent venture capital finance startups across U.S. metros and within a subset of them by neighborhood. It concludes that the model is changing. The suburban model might have been a historical aberration, and innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship are realigning in the same urban centers that traditionally fostered them.

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10 giant steps for the Internet of Things in 2016

It’s that time of year again. The “10 technology trends” and “5 ways the Internet of Things (IoT) will change your business next year” prognostications are coming out. I always read these and enjoy the critical thinking behind the authors’ lists. And every year I think about looking back at last year’s lists to see how well the forecasters did, but there isn’t much value in “I told you so” whether you are saying it or hearing it so I let that urge pass

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Huawei Unveils Strategy and Showcases New ICT Solutions at Smart City Expo World Congress 2016

Recent years have seen the growth of Smart City development across the globe. However, many cities face challenges in making smart cities a reality. Addressing the challenges in his opening speech during the Summit, Yan Lida, President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said, "A Smart City is like a living being, with a brain and complex nervous system working together so that it constantly learns and enhances the physical world.

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“Infiniti Accelerator 2.0″ startups present the future of “Smart Cities” and IoT technology at Investor Demo Day

Infiniti, in partnership with Hong Kong-based Venture Capital firm Nest, recently concluded the 12-week “Infiniti Accelerator 2.0″ program with an Investor Demo Day held at the Infiniti LAB, a co-working space on the first floor of the brand’s flagship showroom in Hong Kong

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Internet of Things can be found everywhere — except in GDP data

In the world of making everyday life more digital, something is starting to tip. You can see it at Noyes Air Conditioning on Monday mornings.

They used to be a nightmare, as recently as 2013, says General Manager Chris Kaufman in Gaithersburg, Md. Seventy technicians would dump a week’s worth of service tickets on accountants who’d then scramble to get invoices and payroll out. It was “really killing us,” Kaufman said.

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Michigan entrepreneur adding to the Internet of things

Jake Sigal, the founder and CEO of Tome, is helping to create the Internet of things. To put it simply, the Internet of things — IoT in tech-speak — is the complex concept that everyday objects have network connectivity, putting them on the path to automation and artificial intelligence. Tome — pronounced like home but with a T — helps devices talk to each other using apps.

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