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Study: China outspent US by $24B in 5G infrastructure since 2015

Although U.S. companies are plowing forward to build up 5G infrastructure, the wireless industry has long acknowledged that it is trailing China (T-Mobile CEO John Legere told CNBC this spring “we are behind China,” while vowing that his company’s merger with Sprint would help the U.S. catch up). Carriers are competing to launch 5G in major and mid-market cities before the end of the year, but the infrastructure necessary to get the network online remains costly and time-consuming, as 5G relies on installation of small cells to expand the network and increase speeds and connectivity for customers.

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Commentary: It’s time to Kick 5G innovation Into High Gear and We’re Doing it in Austin

​​​​​​​Decades ago, wireless deployment served only a narrow purpose for a narrow constituency. Today, it provides nearly limitless ways to make life easier for all people through the power of mobility. As we enter the next generation of wireless technology known as 5G, we know that mobility encompasses much more than telecommunications.

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