What is Digi.City?

Digi.City is a platform designed to inform, inspire and connect leaders as cities advance in the digital age. We convene the public, private and academic sectors, share tools and advocate for policies and programs that create more connected, more equitable and accessible communities.

We believe that as the world becomes more urbanized and technology reshapes our lives, it is increasingly important that we continue to explore new ways to work together to discover creative, technology-driven solutions to our most interesting challenges. Cities truly can be the epicenter of innovation


Why Was Digi.City Created?

Digi.City was created as a blog designed to share what Founder Chelsea Collier was learning on an Eisenhower Fellowship which enabled her traveled to China with eight other Fellows for four weeks in the Fall of 2016. There she had the opportunity to meet with political, business and community leaders cities in five urban cities - Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Shenyang. Learn more about the trip to China here

But the "why" is a much deeper topic than the "what". Chelsea talks with Kara Martin Snyder on her podcast Le Vital Core Salon about the journey, lessons learned and a little bit more... 


So what is the current focus of Digi.City?

The goal of the Fellowship was to research best practices across the U.S. and China. The U.S. is a newer entrant to smart cities efforts; China is easily 10 years ahead in terms of investment and active projects. The U.S. is catching up quickly, but it became clear very quickly that policy issues and a lack of robust digital infrastructure (Internet + Electricity) are at the heart of what is holding the U.S. back.

By streamlining and clarifying local, state and federal policy, encouraging collaboration across sectors and inspiring human-centric programs, it is possible for the U.S. to emerge as a leader in the global smart cities race. But there is a lot of work to do, especially as 5G emerges and the Internet of Things (IoT) lives up to its promise. 

Digi.City has evolved into what the sector is calling for - information, events and tools to create smarter, more connected communities. 

Smart City leaders from all around the world are freely sharing approaches, which creates a rich opportunity to give and receive. There are so many ways to learn and help each other. The diversity of political systems, points of view, city size and available resources provides limitless innovation and inspiration. This conversation is happening globally so therefore Digi.City is open and available to all. We have had the chance to travel to Singapore, Manchester (England), Stockholm, Sweden and many U.S. cities discovering solutions, challenges and new ways to forge forward. 


What Exactly is a Smart CIty?

There is no standard definition as the process has been organic and unique to every community. There are a few definitions that are used more often - here's is a video and a list of definitions.  


What are the major trends in the area of Smart Cities?

This is a big question and you'll receive a different answer depending on who you ask.  Digi.City believes the greatest innovation will occur at the intersection of IoT (The Internet of Things) and 5G (the next generation in mobile broadband.) Learn more about what it is and why this is important from these experts.


Can I contribute my thoughts and write for Digi.CIty?

We welcome your expertise and will carefully review all submissions. Please review the Editorial Guidelines here. 



Chelsea Collier , Founder, Digi.City   (Bio here)    "I'm studying civic innovation and Smart Cities in the U.S. + China. Digi.City is my way of sharing what I'm learning."

Chelsea Collier, Founder, Digi.City

(Bio here)

"I'm studying civic innovation and Smart Cities in the U.S. + China. Digi.City is my way of sharing what I'm learning."