Huawei Unveils Strategy and Showcases New ICT Solutions at Smart City Expo World Congress 2016

Source: PR Newswire and Huawei on November 16, 2016

Recent years have seen the growth of Smart City development across the globe. However, many cities face challenges in making smart cities a reality. Addressing the challenges in his opening speech during the Summit, Yan Lida, President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said, "A Smart City is like a living being, with a brain and complex nervous system working together so that it constantly learns and enhances the physical world. Its growth and evolution depend on open platforms where all players collaborate to foster innovation. Integrating ultra-broadband networks, cloud computing, big data and IoT, Huawei is committed to helping cities become context aware, better connected and more intelligent. In addition, through collaborative innovations with more than 2,700 global partners and our global delivery capability, Huawei provides transformative technology and solutions that combine proven global best practices with the expertise of local developers and companies to enable the development ofecosystems critical to Smart City transformation. We believe there is only a beginning point but no end point for building smarter cities."

Addressing the challenge of increasing urban population density, Nicolas You, Founder and Honorary Chair of the UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign, commented, "ICT technologies empower cities to break information silos and make use of data strategically. They allow cities to connect people, information, resources and services effectively, and to become context aware and self-optimizing. Such cities are well equipped to deliver smart public services that are essential for improving the lives of citizens, fostering economic development and achieving sustainable development."

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