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Future jobs in the Tampa Bay Area: Prepare for change driven by robots, tech, etc.

As companies moved jobs overseas to cut costs years ago, and then brought them back to provide better service in more recent times, outsourcing became an ugly word to describe what not to do in corporate America. But tomorrow’s job threat is potentially much closer to home with smart computers and responsive technology in robots that can do almost anything a human can do.

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3 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Tampa's Smart City Quest

America is full of companies who leverage their underdog status to sneak up on bigger competitors. Avis (CAR) even made a tagline out of it, "When you're only No. 2, you try harder." In an era where cities are steadily embracing private sector principles, this same adage applies. And thanks to the leveling effect of technology, the gap between historical winners and smaller, more nimble players is quickly narrowing.

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Opinion: Keep an eye on Tampa's invisible infrastructure to see city grow

When you search online for images of a city, chances are you'll find pictures of buildings, roads, bridges and lights. It's natural to think of a city in terms of its physical infrastructure. But today, we are in the emergence of a new digital reality in which a city's invisible infrastructure is just as important as the physical.

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