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The smart city revolution will depend on local leadership

From autonomous vehicles to automated everything, the pace of smart city technology is accelerating, sparking equal parts enthusiasm and anxiety. Industry and government leaders around the world are looking for guidance as they attempt to navigate the unknowns accompanying these shifts. It turns out that looking inward to the middle of the U.S. may yield some of the greatest insights.

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US Smart City Competitiveness Depends on Platforms, Policy, and Partnerships

When it comes to economic metrics, the United States is used to being ranked #1. In 2016, the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $18.6 trillion, seconded only by China at $11.2 trillion followed by Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. If this premier position brings you comfort, it shouldn’t last long. These numbers measure the past – the production and manufacturing of a tangible product. However, technology moves our world in a different direction. It is less about production and more about the digital economy.

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