Columbus implements single payment platform across different mobility services

Source: Smart Cities World

Siemens Mobility and Bytemark are working with the Ohio city to integrate new technology into the Smart Columbus Operating System for a frictionless customer experience.

“The beauty of such a system is that you can plan – and pay for – your trips more holistically now,” explained Michael Stevens, chief innovation officer for the City of Columbus. “Instead of checking to see which mode is faster, you can actually map out the fastest multi-mode route – utilising any/all modes of public and private transportation, including bicycles, scooters, buses, and ride-hailing. And then pay for it all just once at the end.”

He added, “this solution truly brings first mile-last mile solutions into the hands of the consumer.”

We have also been working with exciting new technology partners, such as PayNearMe, which provides walk-in retail options for cash payments, finally making it possible for people to upload cash into their account. This opens up access for a whole new group of travelers – previously limited by banking options – to experience today’s newer travel options and capabilities.”

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