These 9 Women Are the Top Global Influencers of Tech Innovation in Cities

Source: Inc. | Lisa Abeyta on December 20, 2016

I well remember my first pitch after launching APPCityLife. I was invited to pitch our company at VentureBeat's first mobile conference, MobileBeat 2010. Of the twenty startup companies invited to pitch at the event, ours was the only woman-owned company - and I was the only woman backstage.

That was the first day I realized just how significant the gender gap was for women entrepreneurs in technology fields.

Today, APPCityLife is focused on the massive demand for scalable mobile solutions within government, making us a part of the rapidly expanding industry of Civic and Gov Tech, and I am still keenly aware of the need for more racial and gender diversity.

While the Governing Institute reported that 78% of states report that they are taking steps to promote diversity among companies seeking government contracts, their efforts are limited by the number of women within the industry, since only about 3% of the tech startup industry are led or founded by women.