Turning Shenzhen into a smart city

Source: IndustrialIoT5G

Chinese ICT services provider Huawei and China Telecom Corporation signed a cooperation framework agreement to deliver gigabit connectivity to homes and communities in Shenzhen to lay the foundation for creating a smart city. 

The two companies plan to transform Shenzhen into a “Gigaband City” delivering 1,000 Mbps connections with all-optical networks, paving the way for the creation of a smart city.

Shenzhen is the first city in China to propose a “Gigaband City” using large-scale deployment of Next- Generation Optical Line Terminals (NG OLTs) and Next-Generation Passive Optical Networks (NG PONs) to deliver 100% gigabit coverage for communities and gigabit access to 900,000 homes.

The framework agreement between the two Chinese firms covers a five-year period.

The Gigaband network will offer residential users better service experience for new Internet applications such as 4K video and Virtual Reality (VR) films and TV programs. It will also provide governments and enterprises with service solutions, such as Passive Optical LANs (POL), Gigaband hotels, and “Optical + Cloud” applications, Huawei said.

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