Munich as a Smart City

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For the city of Munich, Smart City is a big topic: The city authorities have embarked on the road there and meet the challenges of the future: Currently is a thematic guideline "Smart City Munich" as part of the urban development concept Perspective Munich in work. The first major element is the EU project "Smarter Together".

The term "Smart City" is often equated with sustainable urban development. But a clear definition does not exist. A "Smart City" includes various components - it combines urban planning with technology, research, social and economic. Often it is assumed that the three pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental and social), which in turn are supplemented by a technological component. but more often define cities the term "Smart City" each individually and tailor-made for itself as a city. A major challenge is to convey the subject matter and the terms in the population. Simultaneously, a good cooperation and communication with the urban society is a topic of "Smart City".

EU project "Smarter Together"

Munich is Smart City: In September 2015, the European Union of the Bavarian capital with Lyon and Vienna and agency partners from industry and research has given the contract for the "Smarter Together" project. Linked to this are 6.85 million Euros of funding that will flow into innovative, sustainable measures in Neuaubing-Westkreuz and Freiham.

The EU project "Smarter Together - together smarter" ...

  • considered the theme "Smart City" from the perspective of cities and provides the quality of life of people at the center.
  • will test new technologies and identify sustainable solutions for sustainable urban development, mobility and climate change, which can be adopted by other cities and districts. The "Lighthouse cities" Lyon, Vienna and Munich take on a pioneering role. The three cities have in common that they grow quickly and bring the issue of renewable energy a good basis on which to build on.
  • goes over five years: From 2016 to 2018 should the measures be implemented, then stands on the monitoring and evaluation phase.
  • includes subsidies totaling 24.7 million euros. The city of Munich and its companies SWM, MVG and MGS receive about 4 million, the entire Munich composite 6.85 million euros. In addition, own funds and funds from industry and research, so that a total of around 20 million euros will go to Neuaubing-Westkreuz and Freiham.
  • promotes exchanges with other cities, particular with the three "Follower cities" Santiago de Compostela, Sofia and Venice. The non-EU cities Kiev and Yokohama are observers.
  • supports projects that European climate targets surpass. These are projects that save more than 20 percent of greenhouse gases, increase energy efficiency by more than 20 percent and have more than 20 percent share of renewable energies.

Munich as a lighthouse City

  • The Munich projects are implemented in the urban renewal area Neuaubing-West Kreuz and the adjacent development area Freiham in the west of Munich.
  • The area Neuaubing-Westkreuz is 350 hectares. 30,000 people from very different socioeconomic backgrounds live there, there are many existing buildings from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.
  • In Freiham built on 350 hectares of a new district in which up to 20,000 people live and work 7,500.
  • The proposed measures can be divided into five groups:
  1. District laboratories for the participation of citizens, citizens and user groups from the beginning (far exceeds the previous forms of civic participation beyond - future users and users to develop solutions together with the company and local converters)
  2. Build low-energy districts based on renewable district heating (geothermal and low temperature district heating) and renewable energy
  3. Holistic rehabilitation of housing stock in public and private ownership (energy renovation of 42,000 square meters of living space with high standards, on-site consultation) and hedge existing rents

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