Memphis will be one of 20 cities to get 5G in 2019

Source: Daily Memphian | Bill Dries | April 25, 2019

Memphis will be one of 20 cities across the country to get 5G Ultra Wideband service this year.

Verizon made the announcement Thursday, and Mayor Jim Strickland has been hinting at it for several months as he’s talked about road and utility work underway across the city.

Fifth generation – or “5G” – service is cellular technology that offers advanced capabilities and quicker uses of wireless networks as well as a better response.

Strickland said the announcement “will play a large part in continuing to advance equitable economic development throughout our city.” He also noted the role Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division played in the announcement.

The new cellular technology means more than a faster response on Wi-Fi networks. It will also affect such advanced technologies as the use of artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual and augmented reality and wearables.

The 5G system operates largely on the cloud but still requires some cables and wires. The difference is more capacity with 5G. The reliability of a continuous stream of data is crucial to technology like autonomous self-driving vehicles, some medical technology and agricultural applications. The first connections to it are likely to be in places like schools, including higher education, hospitals and businesses.

The technology allows for the creation of separate wireless networks as well as differentiating between uses like gaming and a quick check of social media accounts.

Verizon executives also announced Thursday they start selling their first 5G-included phones next month with its competitors, AT&T, Spring and T-Mobile, planning to launch their versions later this year.

Motorola has a phone on the market now that can handle 5G with an attachment.

Verizon’s 5G network is already up and running in Chicago and Minneapolis, where there were some access problems reported in the first day or so of the service.

The announcement of the list of cities that includes Memphis comes the day after the city announced Extreme Networks Inc. of San Jose, California, will support city government’s information services, including the use of cameras and routing systems for transportation and logistics as well as the security of the city’s digital and computer network.

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