The Smart City Podcast

We had a chance to chat with Zoe Eather, Founder of the Smart City podcast on what it means to be a smart city, the role of policy and what's to come. 

Check it out and please share!

What we covered:

  • Chelsea’s broad reaching background and how it relates to Smart Cities
  • Chelsea’s Eisenhower Fellowship looking at Smart Cities across America and China
  • Launching Digi.City and how the Smart Cities conversation has changed
  • Investment in the infrastructure of being a Smart City
  • 5G being a game-changer and economic impacts of being left behind
  • Smart Cities Connect conferences
  • Creating easy-to-follow policy checklists 
  • Looking at best practice in China and depending on technology in the megacities
  • Collaborative approach and how leadership means working together
  • Are we really talking about blockchain?