Digi.City Contributor guidelines

The guidelines are designed to ensure contributors that their work will be surrounded by the highest quality content:

  • All contributors and ambassadors draft original content, which may be edited for clarity and length.
  • The tone that best suits our readers is newsy but conversational, neither overly informal nor excessively academic.
  • Though we view ourselves as an advocate for the proliferation of useful Smart City technology, content should focus on informing readers more than selling, persuading or advocating for a particular political viewpoint or product. The goal is information. 
  • All contributions should further the knowledge and understanding of readers which means that information should be new, relevant, specific and accurate.
  •  If a topic has been covered by multiple online publications, please link to legitimate articles that explain the background rather than rehashing old information.
  • Links should go only to legitimate news sites and government websites. This does not include commercial sites or Wikipedia articles.
  • All content becomes the property of Digi.City in perpetuity. Authors may republish the material on their own sites or bios with a link to Digi.City.
  • Authors are encouraged to share their articles on their social media networks.

Suggested Word Count: 550-800

We welcome accompanying visuals as well as written and video stakeholders interviews as long as permission for usage has been granted.