Reeperbahn Startup Pitch at The Future Of Event

The Reeperbahn Startup Pitch is the most successful and attention-grabbing event of the startup scene in northern Germany. It was initiated for the first time in 2013 by Hamburg Startups and implemented with the support of exciting partners and networks. The SXSW Festival also partners with the format and the winners have been present at the festival for many years. The Reeperbahn Startup Pitch-Team is happy to offer startups from Germany, the Netherlands, and the US (Memphis & Austin) a stage on which they can live out their rockstar genes, while international startup experts will challenge them.  

Round 1: SocialGood + FinTech + Food

Tomorrow - Jakob Berndt  - #FinTech #SustainableBanking (Hamburg | GE)

Airy - Peer-Arne Böttcher  - #IOT #SmartCities (Hamburg | GE)

TwentyTables - Alex Cohen - #Socent #Food  (DC | US)


  • Nikolaus Bormann,  CEO, ACEG Beteiligungsgesellschaft (Hamburg, GE)   

  • Hartmut Giesen, Business Development, Sutor Bank (Hamburg | GE)

  • Andrea Kalmans, Principal, Lontra Ventures (Austin | US)

Round 2: Future of Work + Future of Communities

JobMatchme - Daniel Stancke - #HR #Communities #Truck #Platform  (Hamburg | GE)

Localyze - Hannah Asmussen - #HR #Communties #platform # Relocating  (Hamburg | GE)

Playground - Linda Yang - #Social (NYC | US)


  • Veronika Reichboth, Director Startup-Unit, HIW Hamburg Invest Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (Hamburg | GE)

  • Dirk Ploss, Head of Digital Technologies Scouting & Advisory, Beiersdorf (Hamburg | GE)

  • Jack Bienko, National Entrepreneurship Association (DC | US)

Round 3 - Media + Fashion

ScribersHub - Sabine Fäth #Community #Media #Journalism #Platform (Hamburg | GE)

Pass it Down - Chris Cummings - #media - immersive storytelling (Chattanooga | US)

VRHQ - Virtual Reality Headquarters - Nicolas Chibac - #VR #Drone #Media (Hamburg | GE)


  • Maren Wagener, Ceo & Founder, Vast Forward (Hamburg | GE)

  • Michael Oschmann, CEO Müller Medien (Nürnberg | GE)

  • Paul O’Brien, CEO, MediaTech Ventures (Austin | US)

Round 4: Mobility & Medtech

Cargonexx - Rolf-Dieter Lafrenz - #Ai #Logistics  (Hamburg | GE)

Coldplasmatech - Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz - #MedTech #Hardware #Deeptech  (Hamburg | GE)

iStaging - Billy Chen - #AR #VR #realestate #staging (Taipei | TW)

LOVOT- #IoT #Love #Robot  #Kawaii (Tokyo, JP)


  • Matthias Wagener, Co-Founder, Vast Forward (Hamburg | GE)

  • Heiko Packwitz, Vice President Marketing, Lufthansa Industry Solutions (Hamburg | GE)

  • Ralf Uhlig, Vice President Marketing, Dräger Medizintechnik (Hamburg | GE)

Chelsea Collier