Civic Innovation Summit Mission, Texas

If you think that the smart city movement is limited to large metropolitan areas, read on to learn about the work taking place in Mission, Texas. 

On February 22, the Mission EDC Civic Innovation Summit brought together leaders across the Rio Grande Valley and introduced speakers from across the country to talk about social innovators, entrepreneurship, education and policymaking.  The thoughtful workshops, panels, and presentations presented real-time solutions to the challenges affecting small cities.

Digi.City Founder, Chelsea Collier, led a session titled: Does Size Matter? Helping Cities Go from Small to Smart. 

The presentation defined the term “Smart City” and explored what makes a city “smart”. Through a robust Q&A the discussion covered the state of smart cities in the US versus the world and how small cities possess the opportunity to lead the smart city revolution.  Special attention was paid to the role of policy and the Four Layers of a Smart City and Connectivity Checklist were presented.

The event was designed for those who want to shape the future of the Rio Grande Valley, develop the region’s economy through technology, and turn Mission into the next smart city. That mission grabbed hold and it will be exciting to see what the region does next. 


Chelsea Collier