Digi.City at the SXSW Festival

Austin is host to one of the world's greatest creative conferences - SXSW - where innovators, social impact leaders, entrepreneurs and the world's authorities on just about everything come together to learn, share and explore what, why and how the world is evolving. Here are some of the things that captured our attention. 

Digi.City Day featuring global thought leaders and entrepreneurs who spoke about the Future of Cities, the Future of Work and the Digital Evolution. 

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr shares his perspective on the federal landscape and how 5G is shaping the future of cities. 

  • 5G deployments in the U.S. could add 3 million new jobs, $275 billion in private sector network investment and result in $500 billion added to the GDP
  •  Outdated regulatory rules are holding back 5G investments and deployments
  • Reducing regulatory barriers means faster deployment which incentivizes new wireless deployments
  • Regulations must be updated in order to the US to lead in the next generation of wireless deployment

"“A key obstacle [to 5G] is our country’s outdated infrastructure regulations, which were written for previous generations of wireless technology,” - Commissioner Carr

Justin "Doc" Herman with the U.S. Emerging Citizen Technology Office (ECTO) at the General Services Agency (GSA) on how emerging tech is being handled at the federal level. 

  • The GSA is leading a collaborative effort across federal agencies to create a solution network to support training, awareness and education workshops
  • The effort is to get people to focus on the challenge or the use case and not the technology. The technology is a possible solution, but there may be many more. 

"We want to take a step back and evaluate the way we do things." - Justin "Doc" Herman

Official SXSW Panels:

 American Innovators in China 

Four US innovators share their unique experiences traveling through China to discover people, culture, business, and food surprises while the 2016 Presidential election and historic World Series take place back home. Contrasting China via their Zhi-Xing (知 行, “learning and travel”) Eisenhower Fellowship, each person discusses their effort to create greater access to prosperity in a global economy and sustain diverse enterprises in education, economy, and civics.

How to Create a Music City

Music, city, and tech leaders unite to discuss how music and technology can unite to make cities even smarter - socially, culturally, and economically. Goal: How To Build A Music City equips musicians, entrepreneurs, and city leaders with ideas and strategies that can be used to build city support for your music scene.

ConsumerTechnology Association Innovation Policy Day 

CTA's™  5th annual Innovation Policy Day for discussions surrounding the tech policies facing emerging and disruptive technologies. We listened to an esteemed panel address how has the Trump Administration impacted the technology industry and their ability to innovate.  They discussed how President Trump has succeeded on what he has promised and where has he failed. 

Tech in the Trump Administration: Year 1 Panelists:

  • Austin Carson (Tech Freedom)
  • Laurent Crenshaw (Yelp),
  • Chris Lewis (Public Knowledge)
  • Tiffany Moore (Consumer Technology Association)


Digital Media Women’s Day

25 women from Germany and the US will give 10-minute lightning talks on life, work, and perspectives. This is a fun casual event focused on inspiration and collaboration. Follow Digital Media Women on Twitter 


Creating Competitive Advantage by Identifying the Right Skills Anu Passi-Rauste Headai / Food and The Future Robyn Metcalfe Food + City / Why Should I Bother to Hack? Sarah Sharif |Experimental Civics / How To Build A Feminist Engineering Team Sara Ines Calderon musx /How to Be an Entrepreneur. Learnings from a 3-year-old Kathrin Kistner Qualitize / Live Your Muse Rashanna Moss | Moderna Muse / Fair Trade to Empower Music Creators Linda Portnoff Riteband / Morgan Hamel re:3D / Innovation in Africa Geraldine de Bastion re:public / #metoo what's next? Barbary Brunner Austin Technology Council / Rosa Riera Siemens  / Why Community Matters! Kerstin Bock | Openers & Tech Open Air / Settling The Score Jessica Dannheisser Composer / Supporting Female Founders - A Public Institution´s Perspective Veronika Reichboth Hamburg Invest StartubHHub / Making Child Care Easy For Working Parents Laurie Felker Jones | JuiceBox Hero


More interesting, albeit random events at SXSW 18....

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