5G and The Future of Cities

Institute for the Future and Digi.City will host a public conversation (with refreshments) to explore the prospects for making cities smarter. We will examine both technical side (the what) and the human aspects (the why) with a focus on the role that high speed, high capacity wireless networks will play in this transformation.

The event will begin with alternative visions for the smart city of the future, followed by an expert panel that will examine the practical choices that will determine what that will actually mean.

Technology is transforming how people live and therefore how cities operate. Connectivity is an essential part of this evolution and so high-performance networks can enable dramatic improvements in how public services are delivered, increasing their efficiency and resiliency. One prominent candidate to provide that connectivity that we will examine is 5G: the soon-to-be-introduced next generation wireless standard.

Will smart cities be more efficient places, with lower energy use, better traffic management and more efficient delivery of public services? Or will they also provide more dynamic, more inclusive, more equitable, more responsive and more creative environments for all of their residents?

Alternative Visions of the Smart City:

Panel to discuss Inventing the Smart City of the Future:

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Chelsea Collier