what is IOT?

"A collection of smart, connected devices or products that, when pieced together well, can yield new functionality,  reliability,  utilization and capabilities that were not previously deemed possible."

- Harvard Business Review


"Simply put this is basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other.)  
- Jacob Morgan, A Simple Explanation for the Internet of Things, Forbes



"A network of networks uniquely identifiable endpoint or "Things" that communication without human interaction using IP Connectivity."   



"In the next 10 years, the Internet of Things revolution will dramatically alter manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation and other industrial sectors of the economy which, together, account for nearly two-thirds of the global gross domestic product (GDP). It will also fundamentally transform how people will work through new interactions between humans and machines."

- Industrial Internet of Things, Unleashing the Potential of Connected Products and Services, World Economic Forum


"In the future, wireless access will go beyond humans and expand to serve any entity that may benefit from being connected. This vision often is referred to as the “Internet of Things (IoT)”, “Networked Society,” “Machine-to-Machine communications (M2M)” or “machine-centric communications.”

- 5G Technology Solutions Recommendations


"We think this is going to grow to 50 billion devices and trillions of dollars of economic impact. It will change the way we live and work. As we go out talking, we see more companies investing in it."

- Doug Davis, Senior VP of Internet of Things, Intel "Despite Cutbacks, Intel is Doubling Down on Internet of Things"