what is 5g?

"5G will enable industries to improve our daily lives. With 5G, autonomous vehicles will be able to make decisions in milliseconds to keep drivers and vehicles safe. Drones will aid in disaster recovery efforts, providing real-time data for emergency responders. Smart cities will monitor air and water quality through millions of sensors, giving them insights needed to provide a better quality of life."

Intel Corporate Vice President Aicha Evans

"5G simply stands for fifth generation and refers to the next and newest mobile wireless standard...." 

- Christina Mercer and Kodjo Ansah, "What is 5G? How does 5G work? What is 5G used for? 5G vs 4G vs 3G" TechWorld


"The evolution from LTE to 5G will be the most profound development on the wireless industry since the transition from analog to digital. This transformation will bring about several new ways of designing networks so that the promise of always-on, high-bandwidth, low latency, massive networks can become reality..."

- InterDigital

"5G is about enabling new services and devices, connecting new industries and empowering
new user experiences. This will entail connecting people and things across a diverse set of scenarios."

- 5G Technology Evolution Recommendations


"The primary goal with 5G is to make it feel like the end user is always connected, regardless of whether or not you're inside or outside, near a window or buried in a basement. Part of the reason we'll need such strong connectivity is because 5G will be about powering much more than just smartphones — it'll be designed to connect smart watches, fitness bands, and smart household gadgets like the Nest Learning Thermostat among others."

- Lisa Eadicicco, "If You Think 5G Is All About Faster Network Speeds, You're Wrong" Business Insider


"It’s about low cost data, not just about faster data.... the primary thrust of 5G is not about faster data to your phone. Instead... 5G is a step in terms of the business model for wireless."

- Joe Madden, "5G is not really about faster data" Industrial IoT 5G