60% of Americans want to live in a smart city

Source: TechRepublic on October 10, 2017 | Teena Maddox

The lure of living in a technologically advanced community appeals to many Americans, although many don't quite understand what the term smart city means, according to a new report from CompTIA.

The Building Smarter Cities and Communities report, which surveyed both private citizens and US government officials, showed that six out of 10 Americans are interested in living in a smart city.

The report identified four factors that could shape the future of smart cities:

  1. Elevating the understanding of smart city concepts will take time, but bridge technologies—smart technologies for the home and office—could help.
  2. Moving from digital to smart requires advancements on many fronts, from technology and broadband infrastructures to workflow and user experience.
  3. Data is critical to smart city success, and it is one of the most challenging components to get right.
  4. Ensuring the cybersecurity of smart cities will require resources and a commitment to shared responsibilities.

Smart city growth is at a tipping point, with 13% of municipalities in the survey reporting a fully operational smart cities initiative, and 31% have some sort of pilot underway.

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